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Donations & Sponsorships

Palace Playland Association LLC is committed to being active contributing members of the community. It is our goal to support as many causes as possible. You can help by submitting no more than one request per year. Palace Playland Associates LLC will make every attempt to fill requests for donations, though we cannot guarantee fulfillment of all request. Donations usually consist of ride tickets. Due to the large volume of requests Palace Playland Associates LLC receives, we are not able to respond to all request. Inquiries sent via telephone, email, fax, or otherwise will not be considered.


  1. We do not provide donations to individuals, corporate requests for non-profit events, religious organization, and political events.
  2. Please allow for our processing time in regards to your request. If your request is approved, we will contact you via email within 30 days of submission.
  3. All fields must be fully completed in order to be considered. If all fields below are not filled out entirely, or if your event does not fall within our criteria specified above, or our allocated contribution budget has been met, your donation request will not be considered.

Thank You,
Palace Playland Associates LLC

If you meet these guidelines and would like to submit an application online, click the button below to make your request.