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Spring 2014 Update - Arcade

Check Out Our New Games!

Our Arcade continues to grow.  More Choices! More fun!

For 2014, we've added new video games, prize cranes and redemption machines to assure that every memeber of the fmaily will be challenged and rewarded!



New Prize Counter!!  

We've more than doubled the size of our prize counter this year so that we can offer you a deeper selection of brand name prizes to choose from.  



Spring 2013 Update - Arcade

New Eco-Friendly Ferris Wheel

Palace Playland has been busy over the winter months adding new games to our Arcade. New video games that have been added to our arsenal are Simpson Kooky Carnival, Skeeball Tower of Power, and Big Bass Wheel to name a few!

We hope you come down this spring to try out any of our 200 plus games!


July Update - Riptide

Arrived in late June 2012,  Palace Playland has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Riptide. Traveling from the Rocky Mountains to the sunny coast of Maine, our brand new Riptide has finally arrived! This 2012 model is an upgrade and an update from our good old Moby Dick. Moby Dick had been at Palace Playland since 2003, and being one of our most popular rides, it was time for Moby to be retired and a new version to take its place!

Riptide has a lot of new bells and whistles, some are behind the scenes, but most are front and center like the improved safety features. New to the amusement industry, Riptide has a state of the art vinyl graphic display. LED lights surround the front of Riptide with supreme energy efficiency to brighten it up! Galvenized steel and aluminum are some special materials used to keep Riptide safe from the harsh Maine weather and the salty air.


We hope you make it down to Palace Playland this summer to test out Riptide for yourself! Some riders have commented that Riptide is both faster and more exciting than Moby Dick. What do you think?

June Update - Frog Hopper

Arrived in June 2012, Frog Hopper! Are you ready for an upgrade? Hopping all the way from Utah, the latest model Frog Hopper has bounced its way into Kiddie Land! With new graphics worth a ton of laughs and state of the art engineering, this drop tower ride will be sure to make a great photo oppurtunity for the kids. So bring your camera and a smile, catch the next frog hopping at Palace Playland!

New for 2012 - Dizzy Dragon

New to the park for the summer of 2012 is Dizzy Dragon! This American made spinning sensation is one of three new additions to Palace Playland this summer. Dizzy Dragon includes four large vibrantly painted dragons that rotate on a large circle. You can control the spin of your dragon to go fast or spin slowly!

Summer of 2011 News

New to the park for the summer of 2011 is a brand new, eco-friendly Ferris Wheel! Though the Sunwheel that has been at the park for decades was a beautiful piece of our history, we have moved lightyears into the future with this state of the art ferris wheel. With LED lighting displays that will amaze your eyes, we can't wait to see what our new wheel will look like set against the ocean and our always amazing fireworks displays!

Manufactured right here in the United States, our new ferris wheel is an amazing feat of engineering. Topping out at approximately 70 feet tall, this Kansas made wheel has a lighting system that is one of a kind. With its 3,000 lights, you can witness the show of a lifetime! The best part about it? It takes about the same amount of engery to power a toaster oven as it does the lighting system on our new ferris wheel! Now that's environmentally friendly!

Please take a minute to watch the assembly of our new Electra Wheel below!


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